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Travis Bickle On The Riviera

Hi there! I'm Tucker Stone, one of the three guys who hosts a podcast called Travis Bickle on the Rivieria. I've written for places like Flavorwire, The Comics Journal, Comixology and The Factual Opinion, and am currently punching the clock at Nobrow, a publisher of comics, graphic novels and children's books. Back in 2012, my friend Sean Witzke, a movie critic whose most recent work can be read at Grantland, started this podcast as a way to continue the conversations (and arguments) we had been having about movies amongst our mutual blogs.

Although neither one of us had listened to a lot of podcasts, we felt that our cantankerous, expletive laden diatribes might be of interest to others, and in the years since, we have been extremely lucky to be proven right: people, for whatever reason, like to listen to a couple of miserable depressives wax nostalgic over action movies from the 80's. (It probably didn't hurt that the hugely talented Michel Fiffe drew our logo image!)

When I became a father in 2013, longtime friend of the show and frequent guest host Morgan Jeske came on board to keep Sean from going stir crazy with backed-up opinions. Jeske--the talented cartoonist behind books for Image Comics like Change and Zero--rapidly made himself indispensable, and after my return to the show, it only made sense to welcome him on as an official host, turning this gruesome twosome into the trio it had always been destined to be. As the episodes have piled up (you can check out our episode guide, with every movie, director and special episode listed here), the show was continually graced with a murderers row of guests from the world of comics and film--you can see all of those amazing people at that link as well.

All of that brings us right up to right now, a cold day in October: the day where we ask for help. Simply put, the increased interest in the show has meant that we've had to put a bit more into the nuts and bolts of paying for it than we used to, and we thought 133 episodes (at most recent count) was enough to try passing the hat to help meet the costs. The show isn't in danger of going anyway anytime soon--Sean, Morgan and I like hurting each others feelings just a little too much for that to be a real concern--but we would appreciate the breathing room that financial support will allow.  Below you'll see the various levels of pledge options and the rewards they provide--we're pretty excited about them, especially the one where we send you surprises you can't return--but even if you come away thinking that we don't deserve one thin dime, it still means a lot that you stopped by in the first place. Thank you for reading, but most of all thank you for listening!

Oct 12, 2015

  • After the break you can find the latest episode of Travis Bickle on the Riviera, the world's only movie podcast. With your hosts Joe McCulloch and Sean Witzke. 


  • 0:00:00 - 0:11:56 - A Man Called Horse (1970), directed by Elliot Silverstein, starring Richard Harris and Judith Anderson
  • Mondo Cane (1962), directed by Gualtiero Jacopetti, Paolo Cavara & Franco Prosperi
  • Goodbye Africa (1966), directed by Gualtiero Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi
  • Goodbye Uncle Tom (1971), directed by Gualtiero Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi
  • Also discussed in this section: American Horror Story: Hotel, Tomorrowland, Crimson Peak, Tom Cruise, Guillermo Del Toro, The Car, Christine, Jane Fonda, Six Million Dollar Man, The Twilight ZoneSteven Boone's re-edit of Goodbye Uncle TomDances With Wolves, The Naked Prey, Dirty Harry, Riz Ortolani, Eli Roth on Joe Dante's site Trailers From Hell talking about Africa Blood & Guts & Goodbye Uncle Tom, and Apocalypse Now.
  • 0:11:57 - 0:20:14 - The Man From Deep River (1972), directed by Umberto Lenzi, starring Ivan Rassimov, Me Me Lai, and Prasitsak Singhara.
  • Also discussed in this section: Mondo Pazzo, Keep The River on Your Right, Pink Panther, The Element of Crime, Matthew Barney, Bjork, Cremaster, Eaten Alive, and Live Like A Cop Die Like A Man.
  • 0:20:15 - 0:26:24 - Jungle Holocaust (1977), directed by Ruggero Deodato, starring Massimo Foschi, Me Me Lai, & Ivan Rassimov. 
  • Also discussed in this section: I Shouldn't Be Alive and Heaven's Gate.


  • 0:26:24 - 0:32:27 - Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977), directed by Joe D'Amato, starring Laura Gemser
  • Also discussed in this section: Black Emmanuelle, Absurd, Sylvia Kristel, Buio Omega, Emmanuelle In America, Videodrome, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Anthropophagus, Troll 2, and Halloween


  • 0:32:28 - 0:35:39 - Mountain of the Cannibal God (1978), directed by Sergio Martino, starring Stacey Keach, Ursula Andress, and Claudio Cassinelli. 
  • Also discussed in this section: We Are Going To Eat You by Tsui Hark, Devil Hunter, Jesus Franco, Stephen Thrower, All The Colors of the Dark, Your Vice Is A Locked Room Only I Have The Key, Torso, and Tintin
  • 0:35:40 - 0:39:50 - Eaten Alive (1980), directed by Umberto Lenzi, starring Robert Kerman, Janet Agren, and Ivan Rassimov. 
  • Also discussed in this section: Magical Mystery Tour, Jungle Holocaust, Mountain of the Cannibal God, Jim Jones, Debbie Does Dallas, Sam Raimi, Eric Stanton, and Larry Bishop.
  • 0:39:51 - 0:51:21 - Cannibal Holocaust (1980), directed by Ruggero Deodato, starring Robert Kerman, Gabriel Yorke, Francesca Ciardi, and Perry Pirkanen. 
  • Also discussed in this section: The "Death and the Lady" episode of Miami Vice, Michael Mann, Django, Sergio Corbucci, Roberto Rossellini, the Neorealists, Jacopetti & Prosperi, found footage movies, Watchmen, Mad Max, and Lars Von Trier. 
  • 0:52:22 - 0:59:28 - Cannibal Ferox (1981), directed by Umberto Lenzi, starring John Morghen, Robert Kerman, Bryan Redford, and Zora Kerowa. 
  • Also discussed in this section: Rome Armed to the Teeth, belgians in the Congo, White Slave, Black Orgasm, and Massacre At Dinosaur Valley.


  • 0:59:29 - 1:20:45 - The Green Inferno (2015/2013), directed by Eli Roth, staring Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Aaron Burns, Kirby Bliss Blanton, and Sky Ferreria. 
  • Also discussed in this section: Zalman King, Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox, Troma films, Bloodsucking Freaks, Knock Knock, Blumhouse, Paranormal Activity, Lords of Salem, Insidious, Trey Parker & Matt Stone, Cannibal The Musical, South Park, Lloyd Kaufman, James Gunn, Alex Cross, Alex Jones, Mike Judge, Stan Lee, John Stewart, Hostel 2, the Masters of Horror dinners, 70s vs 80s slashers, Aftershock, Emmanuelle & The Last Cannibals, Werner Herzog, InterstellarMarion Cottilard on the moon landing, Matthew McConnaughey, Rob Zombie's Halloween, Spy Kids, Nicolas Winding Refn, Liam Neeson, A Million Ways to Die In The West, the Entourage movie, Road Rules, Quentin Tarantino, Peter Jackson's King Kong, and Zombi Holocaust
  • 1:20:46 - 1:25:51 - Cannibal Apocalypse (1980), directed by Antonio Margheriti, starring John Saxon, Elizabeth Turner, John Morghen, Cindy Hamilton, and Tony King. 
  • Also discussed in this section: Blood For Dracula, Inglourious Basterds, Rabid, Hal Ashby, Lucino Visconti, and La Traviata
  • Next Week: Sicario. The week after, SPOOKTACULAR 4.